How Stress Impacts Your Health

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It is true that anyone can experience stress, but women are at a higher risk. Stress can come from many sources, from work or school, to home life, parenting, finances, and so many other things. Here are some things to know about women and stress levels.

Signs You Are Experiencing Stress

You may think you know what it feels like to be stressed out, but many women only realize they are stressed when it starts to truly affect other areas of their life. This can be when it is most severe for you. However, stress comes in many forms, and you might be experiencing it on an almost daily basis without even realizing. By understanding the signs of stress, you have a better chance at catching it early on so you can try some natural remedies.

Here are some signs that you might have stress:

  • You are waking up with headaches due to clenching your teeth
  • You have frequent tension headaches
  • Your concentration and memory is lacking
  • You are suffering from increased depression or anxiety
  • You are getting moderate to severe mood swings
  • You have difficulty making a decision
  • You have been smoking, drinking, or eating more than usual
  • You feel a sense of helplessness and like you are too overwhelmed

Complications and Side Effects

There are quite a few ways stress can affect you, both mentally and physically. This doesn’t even begin to cover the fact that stress can lead to problems at home, including finances, work, and with your family or friends. Aside from those complications, it also affects you emotionally and mentally. You might have heightened anxiety, more frequent panic attacks, and severe depression when you are stressed. It also increases the risk for many physical ailments, including headaches and migraines, digestive issues, high blood pressure, stroke, infections, backache, eating disorders, skin problems, bowel disorders, and many others.

What To Do

As you can see, stress really takes its toll on your entire life. Looking for ways to relieve your stress should be done sooner than later. What will work for you might vary based on exactly what is causing you stress. One day, journaling might be useful, while going for a run is best on another day. Try healthy activities that take your mind off what you are stressed about, even if it’s just having smoothies with friends.